Bad seller-Doyoubamboo

vidito1(albuquerque)August 12, 2007

Has anyone else had a negative experience with Doyoubamboo?

I ordered 3 offers of 2 plants/offer at $50/offer.

What I got was 3 plants, not the six promised, which were very dehydrated

(one died), not in pots, not wrapped in anything moist, and with all the

dirt fallen off.

I called and asked where my other three plants were, and they said they sent

the wrong size, and I should just divide the root clumps of the plants that

I did receive. The plants weren't big enough to do this..and they promised

to send a couple of free plants to replace the ones I didn't get or died.

These never arrived. So I ended up paying $150 for 2 plants, probably

gallon sized if the dirt hadn't fallen off. Remember, one of the original 3

has died.

Talk about mad!!. I just thought I'd warn anyone else about this seller.

They have a website, as well as selling on Ebay.

Buyer Beware!!!

just my 2 cents worth. These very expensive stressed plants had better

recover enough to live through the zone 6 winter here!

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if they are stressed now, i would not even think about planting them out, for they will surely be going into winter in a seriously weakened condition and that usually means death. i am just disgusted by what bamboo is being sold on ebay - there are a couple of folks who are doing a good job but my goodness there is just plain crap out there.

bare rhizomes are likely to produce new growth only in early spring when the energy reserves are at their peak, and at any other time of year - particularly right after the spring shooting is over - the chances of them producing new canes is quite low. if they do, those canes will be runts for a very long time. and yet there are multiple people selling bare rhizomes all year round.

in addition to that crappy quality, if the shipping costs are low expect to receive a stressed plant, proper shipping requires a good rootball and lots of dirt - moist dirt - which isn't cheap to ship. try to focus on the seller who offers living, healthy canes attached to rhizome/rootballs at least 8-10 inches long/across and you should be o.k. but avoid the cheap plants with tiny rootballs and avoid the bare rhizomes.

i think in some cases the seller is not meaning to ship junk, and there good folks on ebay for sure but be careful with your bidding. and then there is 1 seller who shows a picture of one species with the description of another species which does not seem likely to be accidental.

just my 2-cents as well.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Sadly, when you buy bamboo on eBay, it's a real crap shoot. It's always much safer and usually cheaper to order from a reliable bamboo nursery that will send viable plants and stand behind their offerings. If you're not too discouraged, email me and I will suggest several reliable online bamboo dealers that will not disappoint you.

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

I had excellent luck on ebay last year with "halfside bamboo"(philinshelton). ordered four different fargesias and an arrow bamboo at different times. Every order was potted and healthy,packed well and shipped very fast.Not the cheapest on ebay but one of the best.

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