What kind of banana plant? Will it produce fruit?

Patrice485August 4, 2013

This is a plant my aunt gave me last summer. She said it was a banana plant. I didn't know there were so many different types of plants. I cut the first plant she gave me last summer back the end of winter and this pup came out. Will it grow back after winter? How do I know its dead? I don't know the first thing about banana plants if you can't tell.

Can you tell me what kind of banana plant I have and will it produce fruit.

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it hard to tell at an early age what type of banana plant it is. It looks healthy and looks like it will give you fruit. Once it done fruiting it will die but the pups will take over and keep on producing. Depending on the zone you are located, it might take 16 to 24 months to produce fruit.

My guess and we are still in an early stage, it looks like a orinoco.

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