Walmart bananas

cookiedoughAugust 19, 2006

Hi ,

I purchased a unmarked banana from Walmart in central Florida , actually it was just marked Musa . It is roughly 2' in height and has red markings on it's upper leaf and solid green on the bottom of the leaf . Leaves are on the small side .

I repotted it into a slightly larger pot and it started to form pups within a week .

Anyone have any idea if this could be an edible banana or one of the ones that forms the seeds ? I usually hate buying plants from them since most are not marked but this banana looked a little different from the ones I had and I was curious to see what it would grow into.



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I just picked up three of these on sale for $0.50 each at one of the local green houses here in Michigan; none marked. All three are 2' tall and have a slight red variegation to the leaves. I am hoping they are Rojo (Musa sumatrana) and the variegation will become more distinct once the plants mature a bit. I am also curious if anyone might have any thoughts?

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mauryc(8b-9a Louisiana)

ROJO will have a red stem. More than likely its a cavendish variety (dwarf cavendish). Bloodleaf (rojo) leaves will have red undersides very early on. Post a picture and we'll see.

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I agree with mauryc, you likely have a super dwarf cavendish. When they are young they tend to have red blotches.


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Yup, no red stem. How do I post a pic in here?

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Lets try this again...

Here is a link that might be useful: What am I?

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