Newbie: Does anyone offer free pups for postage?

figara(Ca 9)August 8, 2009

Hello everybody,

I live in SF area and I would like to start growing banana trees. I bought a few seeds of a edible banana but I had no success in germinating them.

1.I was wandering if you can propagate a banana tree from cuttings or just from seeds and pups?

2.What will be the best banana tree to grow in pots and ground in my area?

3.I do not have a pup to offer but I was wandering if somebody would offer a pup to a newbie for postage?

I do not know how this forum works and I hope nobody will be offended that I asked.

Thank you

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Hi- I have a beautiful young red dwarf cavendish- I am really interested in trading for Brugmansias- would you have any? LMK!

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figara(Ca 9)

Sorry, I am new to gardening and I have just a NOID pink and a double white. Let me know if you are interested.
The red dwarf cavendish makes edible banana? I am interested only in the ones you can eat fresh.

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