Dwarf Cavendish Trouble *pics*

mulleniumAugust 30, 2009

I Purchased a dwarf cavendish from a local nursery and had it planted in my yard for maybe a week before i realized the location wasn't ideal as it was getting full sun all day long, so i moved it because the PHX sun can get a bit nasty. Ever since then it started to decline. The leaves would only come out half way then the tips would start to turn brittle and dry up, then the other night i checked it and the layers around the stalk were black and mushy, so i peeled them all and cut them at the base as you can see, to try and remove as much of the mushyness as I could.

These plants have been in the ground for maybe 5 or 6 months

The banana to it's right I purchased at Lowes and planted a couple weeks after I moved the one on the left, and it has been thriving and growing like crazy!

I used Kelloggs soil n'riching compost / mulch as the growing medium on both plants, so I dont think that could be the reason for it's decline.

I also planted both with mychorrizal fungi, so im not sure if that could be it? again both were planted with it and only one is declining.

I did add a bit of superthrive to the one on the left when it first started to decline, so maybe that did it?

Any ideas? Should I cut the mother plant on the left down as far as I can and let it's single pup take over? Seems to me like thats my only option since i peeled the sides of the mother when or if it grows it might not be able to support itself now.


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mcbdz(8 Louisiana)

I'm not an expert but, if it was mine I would leave it alone and just let it grow or die. Make sure it gets plenty of water and maybe every 2 weeks water with Epsom salts. It will be ok to leave the dead on if it dies as long as it dries out.

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Well...the pup seems healthy enough and the new growth of the mother seems good too.I would do as mcbdz says..leave them alone;plenty of water(unless it doesnt have good drainage)and the occasional fertilizer might perk them up...

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Superthrive is proverbial snake oil.

According to,


, you can decrease transpiration and stimulate growth, in arid environments, by spraying with a solution of methanol (wood alcohol) while the plant is in full sunlight. You have to determine the concentration that barely produces visible damage (on one of your good banana plants) to the leaves and subtract 10% to determine the proper concentration. BTW, bananas are "G3" plants.

If I were in your shoes, I would have first climatized the plant while it was in a pot and then sprayed with methanol solution while in a pot before transplanting into the ground.

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