Plumeria Cutting Question

gemfire(z9/10 AZ)July 11, 2008

The big storm we had last night blew my plumeria over and one of the branches broke off. It's about a foot long so I'd like to root it. On most plants I've rooted I've left a couple leaves on the very top but I'm wondering if the plumeria might be different. Should I remove the leaves or leave them on? Thanks.


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more then likely the leaves will fall off, but either way allow the wound to callus then root. All the Plumies I have in the greenhouse that I rooted lost all the leaves (about 1000 of them) but they still set new growth and roots

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gemfire(z9/10 AZ)

Thanks Turtleman49. They are already looking a little droopy.


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Its normal, just don't rot them. Plumies seem to rot at the drop of a hat, We've had best results with allowing the wound to heal then placing them in our rooting medium and forgetting them. Once they set new roots I place them on a normal irrigation cycle

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I would let the cutting callus about 12 days and put it into a container(clear) of pearlite. Put holes in the container. Keep the cutting in the protected shade or it will fry. You want the bottom of the container to get some good heat so even putting it on a brick would work. Don't let it get over 90 degrees on the bottom. You should also use a rooting hormone.
You will be able to see the roots through the container as the cutting roots. It will ned to be watered a few dropx 2x a week. You want a little dampnedd but not wet. Wet equals rot.

Were do you live?You have 1,000 plants or you lost 1,000 leaves?


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I "Have" a thousand of them

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And were are your thousand? Are they for sale?

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There in the shade house for the summer and yes I sell them I think I have about 6 or 7 hundred left. I'll try to get some time to post more on my web site but sadly it's so far behind of "current" I can't stand it.. I think about 90% of what I have isn't listed on the site

Here is a link that might be useful: RSI Growers

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