Several Vulgaris varieties with Yellowing leaves and spots (pics)

shinola01(z9 Melbourne FL)August 31, 2008

I have started to have yellowing leaves and spots on culms on my vulgaris wamin and vulgaris vitatta (HI stripe) and some spotting on culms of my vulgaris (common). I'll post some pics. Anyone know what this might be? How do I stop it and save the plants?

Vulgaris wamin overall plant, 2 years old

Vugaris wamin culm showing spotting

Vulgaris wamin leaves with spots

HI Stripe view of plant, yellow section is foreground/right

HI Stripe leaves with yellow

HI Stripe, new growth is still green

Vulgaris common, culm spots

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How much sun and water do they get?


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shinola01(z9 Melbourne FL)

Water: I think plenty, the Wamin curls up occaissionally, so I water it, unless it is wet and curled up, then I blame it on the sunny days which are quite intense here.

sun: full sun when sunny, it has been a wet and cloudy year mostly, but I think they get plenty of sun.

They did just get 30 inches of rain from TS Fay, but some of this was beginning before that.

I have a Bambusa Lako right next to the wamin (20 feet away) and it shows none of these signs. It does show orange-ish leaves when it gets stressed but that is usually due to major windstorms.

I just noticed the yellowing leaves are also apparent on the Vulgaris common.

thanks for the help.

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Its some sort of scale, I get those too. But the plant does not seem to be bothered by it. You should notice a lot of ladybugs on it. If not, get some ladybugs and they will take care of the scale for you.

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I am growing wamin in Palm Bay Fl. I have 2 year old specimens that are showing the same yellowing leaves and scaling on the culms. I am getting a lot of leaf drop as well. The scaling doesn't seem to be bothering the plants. I am guessing that all the rain we have gotten is the reason for the yellowing of the leaves. I have seen the same problems in other peoples wamin in other parts of town. Wamin has had a tough time this year in brevard county this year. But, being a very resilient species I think it is going to be fine. My D. minor amoenus and D. Brandissii are unaffected(they are looking great).

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