Bananas like this weather !

topher2006August 10, 2007

Bananas doing great 100* here...

Dwarf red/green


Williams also known as a del monte

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nyssaman(Z6 ON)

Get some mulch on the babies - Do you know grass roots can spear right through a tree root - You will have even better growth with the grass gone around it.


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this forum isnt structured like others im accustomed to so im not sure how to start a new subject.

But any way i want to know if im doing things right, i live in central illinois, my setup is as follows, i bought the plant at about 1and 1/2 ft tall and now its an easy 5. its in a miracle grow potting soil that drains pretty good in my opinion, it is indoors in a closed porch by a west facing window that gives it about 4 hours of filtered sublight but is also under about 250 watts of flourescent light that is on a timer for 15 hours a day. i water only when the top of the soil is visibly dry. The pot its in is massive, about 2feet in diameter, and about 1/1/2 feet deep. I fertilize with a 202020 fert. about every 3 weeks in addition to adding magnesium and pottasium only once since i bought it.

Lately ive had mites and i sprayed tons of the diluted neem oil on the leaves and let it sit for a while at night and i imedialty noticed some browning spots afterwords, so i figured i over used the spray?, but also there are very fine brown streaks on the undersides of some of the older leaves, i figured it might have been from the mites, or maybe the browning is casued by over watering or lack of humidity??? or old age?(of the leaves)

well its been about 90 degrees with 40-60% humidity around here, i will post pictures tommorow. But ive also ordered some predator mites to kill these freggin spider mites. once i get the pics let me know what you experts think,

oh, and this is my first banana and im not even sure its a dwarf cavendish, but nevertheless, i love it like its my kid and the brown spots have me worried, even though it hasnt slowed down growing, i get about 1 and a half leaves a week cheers!

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the_virginian(Zone 7 NoVA)

Hit those babies with all three and you will have more massive growth by the end of the season.

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Try soapy water on the spider mites.

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