Ensete ventricosum growing sideways

bari_sax(z9 CA Bay Area)August 4, 2013

I've had great luck growing Ensete ventricosum in our backyard. After 2-3 years they're giant. And of course, once they get this size, they become giant sails and (with their almost non-existant root system) blow over at some point, although this can be mitigated with some guy wires.

In any case, I have one that has appears to now be bending and growing sideways (unless I'm wrong and it's actually about to produce end-of-life flowers). If it continues to grow, the center of mass will just pull the whole plant over. So I'm trying to how to deal with it. I can cut the plant where it's starting to bend (about 8 feet off the ground), or just wait for the right time and cut the whole thing to the ground and either remove it and plant another (as I did before in this very spot), or see if it will generate pups after cutting down (as it appears is possible even with this species if I read these forums correctly).

Any advice?

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Looks like flowers to me, after that it's toast, but I guess you already know that. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Yea looks like a flower, should be quite the sight!

Cuttin ensete down shouldn't cause them to pup, what you can do is divide the corm into 4 chunks and plant them...the should all grow, or can scoop the eye, meaning cut the main growth point out of the corm, instead if pushing out one plant from the top, it'll send out several smaller plants from the dudes if the corm, once they develop their own chunk of corm you can cut them off and root them up, some will grow their own roots while still attached to the corm, those will sulk the least, the ones with no roots will fall apart but come back.

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