height restrictions

lucid.infinityAugust 24, 2010

And by height restrictions, I mean that our ceilings are restricting, and it's absolutely out of the question to put our plants outside. We also Do Not plan on overwintering, since we're already invested to indoor growing.

Our newest addition, the blue java I posted about earlier... was quite tall when we got it, and honestly, I thought it'd flowered already and we'd be lucky to get some pups, chop it down, and wait for the pups to grow up... That was probably not the case, since within a week of nursing it back to health, we noticed a leaf growing up from the last one. :-) Yippee happy times... Until we realize now that as the leaf grows and unfolds, it's bent a little by the ceiling. So far, we haven't noticed it damaging the leaf. I guess regardless of it all, we will still probably keep it going/growing. But I'm interested to see if anyone else has encountered this, or has any advice for panic-y people like me who cringe a little seeing it. I mean, it doesn't seem to be doing any damage yet. But if the thing does flower later this year, will it be harder to see the deformed leaf that usually comes before the bloom stalk? Will the blood stalk be impeded by the ceiling or otherwise damaged? Just curious:-) thanks!

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