dying timber bamboo

grizwaldAugust 20, 2013

Gentle People,

We have a well established stand of timber / giant bamboo which has been happily taking over our property for about 7 years. Suddenly in the last two months we have been seeing significant die off. (I will try to post photos later today)
There has been significant construction next door for the past six months but no excavation closer than 15 ft. When they ripped out and replaced the driveway 3 years ago (directly beside our stand) there were no problems.

During the construction they asked us to turn down the irrigation and that was the point that we noticed the first stalks dying so we went back up to the old levels or possibly higher but the die off seems to be increasing.

We have had individual stalks die before but this is much more widespread. It is possible that there were some caustic chemicals spilled during the construction but I don't know of anything that could travel through the root system to get plants 10 or more feet away. Does anyone have any suggestions for causes or investigations that we should do?


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It could be from chemicals but I think it would be more on one side of the grove and not noticeable throughout the grove.

It could be from less water, that is, if it was reduced by a significant amount, and if so, it could take time to recover and the dying culms may have already died and will not recover.


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