Planting and Spacing B. Dollichomerithalla

bobestesAugust 30, 2006

I bought three three gallon pots of Bambusa Dollichomerithalla. this weekend, and I'm going to plant them in a row along my patio.

How much space should I put between each one (and my patio), keeping in mind that they'll get much larger (and wider) than they currently are.

As far as the effect I'm going for, I would like to have some space between the clumps, and have the foliage up top merge together. I'm not going for a thick wall of bamboo, per se.


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I can't answer your question per se...but here's a link showing pics of boo with the in ground planting dates listed. Kind of gives you an idea of what they will look like in a few years...Z

Here is a link that might be useful: Bamboo Garden

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If watered well and in good conditions such as well drained soil and if it does not freeze back in the Winter, it should form a clump(at the base) about three feet in diameter in it's third or fourth season, and spread six inches to a foot in diameter each season after that.

Spreading can be controlled by just breaking off the new shoots that are unwanted, as they emerge in the Summer.

I would guess 8 to 12 feet apart, depending on how much space you want between the clumps, and how far above the ground you want them to merge.

Good Luck


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