Looking for Bamboo for NYC

wheresjs(6b)August 11, 2012

Looking for Fargesia species of bamboo to plant in Bronx,NYC?

any help?

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Are you looking for sources to buy from, or suggestions on a species, or what?

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Fargesia rufa (green panda bamboo) is the one that is commonly available at the big box stores. A bit expensive at first but then it just takes off like you wouldn't believe! I divided clumps from three plants on an annual basis to form a hedge. Slower at first then FAST! It is perfectly hardy in the NJ/NYC metro area but benefits from a position shaded from the hottest sun. Still waiting for the great panda invasion!

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I'm finding that fargesias are the easiest bamboos to divide out of any of the bamboos so far because you really don't need much plant material to get a viable division. In early spring, I can literally take a shoot bud with a rhizome hair and get a viable division.

I still prefer to take 1 culm divisions that have a shoot bud & a few roots in the fall beforehand just to get larger divisions, but I really don't see why these guys can be expensive when it is so easy to produce more of them.

Here's a link to a thread on fargesia propagation.

Here is a link that might be useful: 1 shoot bud propagation

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I go to quite a few nurseries and it seems they are slightly out of vogue now. A few years ago, they were everywhere. If you are willing to cross the river into NJ., Metro Plants in Fort Lee should have some bigger ones. Call in advance and make sure the person you are speaking to knows the difference between a clumper and a running bamboo. I refuse to spend a lot for a plant that grows fast and is easy to propagate. I remember when I got my starter, tiny Fargesias in the small, black plastic, perrenial pots a few years ago, they were selling for $16.00. But they were well worth it in the end as I have an evergreen, non-spreading, 4-5 foot tall, thick hedge of them on the property line covering a neighbor's fence. I didn't really notice them at the big box stores this year at all!

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Candy cane Fargesia

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