bamboo in NC

hoosier52(z5b/6)August 31, 2005

This message was posted on the following bamboo link, toward the bottom of the page:

Folks in NC may wish to respond. I'd suggest to her that it is unlikely she'll get anyone to buy & harvest the bamboo, that her best bet is to offer free or very cheap dig your owns.


> The bamboo that I have is near Charlotte, NC. I do not know what kind it

is...? I will have some pictures of it this weekend. The property it is on was

used as a garden before the bamboo began growing and eventually overran the

land. We've never paid attention to the type of bamboo , just more that its

there and we haven't been able to get it to go away. Does that answer your

questions?? Thanks

> >>

>>> Where in NC are you and what kind of bamboo do you have?

> Jim

> >>

> >Hello. I am in need of finding someone who will harvest and buy about

> >2 acres of bamboo. I live in North Carolina. The bamboo ranges in all

> >ages. Some of it has been there for at least 30 years and down from

> >there. I will be selling the land that the bamboo is on and would like

> >to clear the land of the bamboo before selling it. Does anyone have

> >any suggestions on who I can ask and turn to?? Thanks,

> >

> >


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hello_c_j_here(7 Cary, NC)

I went and posted this site and told her she might have better luck offering it as a "FREE" dig. Not knowing the variety she has makes it a tough sell. ; - D

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lelanddunne(7a N.C.)

well, if she dont mind doing so leg work and calling around, call some people that buy lumber and they might want to make the boo into wood flooring if its big enough, or how about an arts school, might need or want to buy some of it.

if she is going to sell the land, why would she want to mess with getting rid of it any how,. just put the land up for sale and let the new owners do what they want with it as they please. would be a pretty place to put a small house in the middle of all that boo, with paths going here and there from the house.

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Hi, Bamboo usually grow starting in April. If you don't mind I can come pick the young bamboo to keep it from growing and multiplying. If possible you can email me a please let me know.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

You replied to a thread that is almost 4 years old from someone who was selling the land, so you may be out of luck. You could, though, try emailing the person who started this topic instead of expecting a response here. [Click on the OP's "My Page" to access the email.]

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