Small hive beatles

lisette1February 1, 2009

My hive is almost a year old. During a routin inspection I saw some small hive beatles. I treated the ground and waited about 2 weeks. Today I opened my hive to find still lots of active beatles. I have plenty of bees and lots of empty dark comb but no stored honey. I live in southeast Texas where my bees can find plenty to eat all year long but I don't think my hive has been able to get ahead of the infestation. I wanted to avoid any direct applications of pesticide but I am now open to any suggestions?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

I don't have small hive beetle yet, perhaps ask over in Beesource, link below is a discussion on it..


Here is a link that might be useful: Small hive beetle

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I have a hive that is infected with SHB also. I built a SHB trap that has a pan under it filled with veg. oil. So far in about 3 weeks I have trapped about 275 beetles. You can get the plans or buy the trap at this web site. Click on the DIY Small Hive Beetle Trap if you want to build your own, so far I have built 2 of them, just finished and installed the 2nd one today. I only have 2 hives.

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