Dividing bamboo?

joss-1August 6, 2011

Hi, I planted 3 Angel Mist plants in one spot... had no idea how fast they would grow. Small plants are 20 feet plus in one season and the 3 plants are all growing into each other with about 60 or more shoots, probably more. I would like to move a few shoots to the back yard... is it possible? It provides great shade. Can you email me at: jossm@att.net Thanks!! Joss

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

I'm not certain what species you have, since some sellers throw around fanciful names for various bamboo species without much consistency. I'm going to assume it's a clumping bamboo. You can divide any bamboo, but it is always best to wait until it is not shooting vigorously, and to take a chunk when you divide that does not contain only newer culms as they are the most likely to not survive. The root system will be dense and woody, so be prepared for some hard work. In order to take a division, you will need some kind of root pruning saw, preferably something electric-powered like a Sawzall, to cut down through the root mass and split off a chunk. If you try to use an axe, you will probably shock the plant too much and make a mess of the division. (And don't even think of using something like a chainsaw!) Once you have a chunk severed, you will need to dig and pry it out of the ground. It's helpful to have a steel demolition bar for the prying so you don't break your shovel.

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I've had good luck when taking a few bamboo culms to dig down to where the rhizome is with a shovel and expose the rhizome, then I take hand pruners and just cut all the rhizomes growing from the plant. Super easy and not so much work.

I've found something that is much much much MUCH worse than bamboo, it's digging up zebra grass! That stuff is impossible!

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Wow, much easier than I thought it would be. A good shovel and some gloves. Angel Mist is given the name for the white film covering the stalks, a beautiful bamboo down in South Florida. Yes, clumping. Thanks.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Glad it went well for you. It sounds like it was much easier than I expected given how big this bamboo gets. Are the divisions all doing ok?

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