help I just cut a plantain sucker and it might die

boulou3August 10, 2014

My uncle has a bunch of plantain trees and gave me one of the suckers growing of one of his trees but i think he may have cut it too high, is white mass a part of the root ball? He told me just plant it and it'll live but I'm just asking he to reassure myself...I already planted it with some peels from other plantains of his tree as nutrients to help grow but I just want to know if the little thing has a chance. Any help would be greatly appreciated please and thanks in advance.

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Do you see any roots at all?! If not, it will not make it. Cut too close. Should be some roots on it at that size.

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I dont see any roots either, but I'd go ahead and plant it anyway, stranger things have been known to happen,Good Luck Christine

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