Should I separate the pups?

roxannemoskal(Z6 PA)August 26, 2006

I'm new to bananas and I'm hoping I can over winter my dwarf cavendish in the basement. It has alot of pups some of them are getting pretty big. shoud I separate them or just leave them alone? If I did want to separate 1 or 2 to swap or whatever, how would I do this?


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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

You can separate now, if you wish to. I overwinter SDC bananas last year in my basement. No water or light, right in the pot of dirt. As a matter of fact, I did some separating of my basjoos today. I have two 3 foot high stalks and one large 2 foot high dwarf orinoco stalk. They're in the trash now, cause I have no more room for them. Damn, I really do feel guilty as hell. If some still wants em, I could dig em out.

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Gardenguy, as someone who is just starting out with banana's (have a nice Musa basjoo, about 4' and growing strong) I'll take what your tossing away and give it a try if its not too late. I'll emailyou the same and see what we can do.

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gardenguy, why don't you try to sell them or give them away to neighbors, friends or family. I'd love to have them, but if they were in the trash for this long, I wouldn't want to risk paying money for you to ship a couple dead bananas to me.

If you have no one else to give them to and don't want the hassle of mailing them, maybe next time you could drop them off at your local nursery, they just might give you a discount on your next purchase. Who knows.

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Gardenguy, chrisltropical brings up a great idea. Try a local nursery. At least they will stand a chance adn you will know you did the best for them.
If you still want to give them to someone, and you think they are still viable let me know. You can email me at michonjd"at"

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