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etilaJuly 18, 2008

Found this in my garden. What is it.

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it looks like a mushroom

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This is what is commonly called a False Shaggy Mane or Desert Shaggy Mane mushroom and they are pretty common here. The fungi decomposes organic matter below ground year-round forming the above-ground reproductive structures (mushrooms) usually in the summer. As fungi feed on organic matter, they release nutrients back into the soil. Their appearance means you have good rich soil.

They are members of a group of fungi called puffballs because a cloud of brown dust-like spores is emitted when the mature fruiting body bursts or is crushed.

These are part of the natural ecology of our region and no control is needed. If you prefer you can remove the mushroom and dispose of it before it dries and dispenses the spores.

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Yeah, and don't kick it either... otherwise you'll have a black cloud of spores in the air and all over the ground and your feet. :) Just pluck it.

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Funny, I just had one pop up too and was wondering what it was. I'm glad I know now. I googled it and came across this neat video.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shaggy Mane Mushroom timelapse YouTube video

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