twisted myrtle

gallenJuly 26, 2014

Hi all,

I have a problem that appeared recently with my twisted myrtle. The leaves are shriveling up and look dry. I believe
that it is getting sufficient water but am unsure how much this plant should be watered.

Could be over watering? Could be disease.

PS: it resides in filtered shade and has been ok in location for apps 8 months.

Thanks for any input!


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What is your watering schedule for it?

How much and how often?

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Hi LG,

It's on a drip that gets hit every other day. I would guess that it gets enough to saturate the root zone. It's only about
2' tall right now.


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Can you take a picture to show us? make sure the dripper is not clogged and is putting out enough water to wet the root zone.
Myrtles are tough plants and not used enough here.

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Watering every other day is way too often for landscape plants here. Myrtle is adapted to a desert environment and should only need water twice a week during summer. You may not be watering enough. Keep in mind that one gallon of water will moisten about 1 cubic foot of soil. That's barely enough for a one gallon plant as you want to water surrounding soil too. It would be better to apply 3 - 4 gallons of water and then let the soil dry slightly before watering again. Soggy soils are perfect for bacteria and fungi to create problems for plants.

Take a look at page 9 of Landscape Watering by the Numbers for how much to water depending on plant size. The table on the inside back cover will tell you how often. Because your myrtle in the ground 8 months you'll need to water more often than this table.

Here is a link that might be useful: Landscape Watering by the Numbers

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Thanks to all. I'll check out the watering amount more precisely and see what happens.

Aztreelvr: Interesting PDF. I downloaded it. Good info


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I would guess that it gets enough to saturate the root zone.

What size dripper? And for how long does it run?

Guessing is what kills plants.

Get a moisture meter and test several spots in the area around the plant. If it's 2 feet tall, you need to be thoroughly soaking the plant a foot all around and as deep as the meter can go. You need to be doing that twice a week for its first couple of summers. If it tests dry, slowly deliver 5 or 10 gallons to the area around the shrub.

You can increase the amount of water by adding more drippers around the plant (t-connectors and tubing, daisy-chained onto the existing tubing) or by changing the drip emitter to a higher rated one. Or both.

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