Bees! want to move not kill

snazzy_gardernerFebruary 24, 2006

Hi Everyone!

I just obtained this property from my parents. They had a trash pile in the woods on the side of the house. YUK!!!

3 generations of trash! We are cleaning it up. I was doing just that last summer, taking the pile to the trash to be taken to the dump, well as I was doing this a bunch of wasps got mad and begun stinging my legs. I dropped my pants right in the yard and ran to the house. funny huh?

Now it winter and I want that pile moved by spring before they come back. What do I do? There is alot of work to be done still. I don't want to kill them. They was here before me,minding thier little business...any solutions?

Thank Goddness it wasn't the grandkids or animals that got what I did.


Dover,De 19904

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Are they wasps or bees? (your message says both). It would be unusually for honeybees to nest in a pile of trash, but not unusal for some other bees and some wasps. However, this time of year most wasps and bees don't have a nest and are just a single lone queen waiting for spring to to start a new nest. So from your description I'm confused as to what they are and it makes a difference on how you would handle them.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bee and wasp identification guide

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