Honey Bee Impact on Home Gardens

paloaltomarkFebruary 15, 2010

Hi All:

It's generally well known that honey bees benefit home gardeners, but I'm looking for a source that quantifies this benefit in some way. I've seen statistics like 30% of the US food supply can be attributed to honey bee activity, but nothing that provides data for home gardens.

Does anyone know of a source for this? I'm looking for a factoid like "you can expect about 20% more squash if you have a hive on your property" etc



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Mark, Thats a tough one. There are many insects that provide pollination for our home gardens. I think the 30% reference is because of migratory beekeepers providing pollination for hundreds of acres of single crop production. In other words the California almond production would not be possible on a large scale without bringing in bees. As far as my home garden, I always see honeybees in the blooms along with other native bees. I have 5 hives in my backyard, but I would assume on a small scale, with or without the honeybees, my garden would do well. I think as the scale of your food production increases, the honey bees play a more important role in supplementing the native pollinators.

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