Musa basjoo help!

jcara7August 3, 2013

Hi everyone,
Been on the palm forum for a while but new to bananas. Got a musa basjoo pup in the mail a few months ago and the growth rate is incredible. The only question I have now is is it normal for a new leaf to come out smalle then a previous one? I had originally noticed all new leaves were bigger, but the newest is smaller then the previous. The plant was moved to a spot with more direct sunlight (too much I think) and I have now moved it back to a spot with a good mix of sun and shade. It got burnt pretty bad on some of the older leaves. Could that be the problem?

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I'm new to bananas, just trying to grow my first, so I don't have "the" answer. Hopefully someone else will.

That said, I think I read somewhere, probably on this forum, that when a banana suddenly starts putting out smaller leaves, it's about ready to flower. Don't take my word for it though, I may be wrong. :)

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Musa Basjoo are you just growing as yard decoration? I don't think the fruit is edible from what I have read about them. As for the leaves I am not sure as I too am thinking about growing bananas.


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