How long?

beerhog(z7AR)August 23, 2006

How long does it take a Musella lasiocarpa to bloom? In zone 7 will I need to protect it to ever see it bloom?


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I'm in Birmingham at the bottom edge of z7. My ML was 3 years old before it bloomed late last autumn. I built a wire cage with leaves around it the year before and last year. The bloom stuck up above the leaves after the leaves settled. The bloom sort of went dormant but survived all winter and just fell off about 3 weeks ago. When weather got warm last spring, the bloom started growing again. It was in bloom almost 9 months. Another stem began blooming about 5 weeks ago. My plant was a 12 incher when it was received in a trade in November. I kept in in the greenhouse the first winter. I think it will take about 2-3 years and must reach about 4 feet tall before it is mature enough to bloom. It is really a bright yellow spot in the garden. Beside the bloom and tropical foliage, it makes a good moon garden plant. The silvery backside of the leaves almost seems to glow in the moonlight.

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