Moso sprouts

shinola01(z9 Melbourne FL)August 23, 2008

I sprouted some MOSO seeds in May, well I got 1 of 17 sprouted. At the same time I sprouted many other tropical bamboos. Since then, the tropicals have all taken off and grown dramatically, the Moso stopped and is only a single shoot about 1.5 inches tall. Not sure if it is too hot in the summer in Melbourne FL or what.

I have now gotten about 6 new sprouts from a new batch, I want to do better on growing them, any suggestions, should I keep them indoors around 78F instead of outside at upper 90's. I've seen that they don't like direct sunlight until they're a few years old.

Any advide would be appreciated.


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hello_c_j_here(7 Cary, NC)

outside indirect sun should be fine. I have to booby trap my seedlings cause the tree rats like the fresh soil... I use my paintball gun to tag their little fannys... funny...I never see repeat offenders though... the hot pink and yellow rats stay in the neighbors trees for the most part...hahaha I have pepper ball for any repeat offenders I find (evill grin)

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