Bamboo removal, thoughts please

ChristinaLevy(8)August 23, 2013

I'm going to remove bamboo that has gone bizarre. Previous owners said it was contained but as fall turned to spring and spring to summer, it's everywhere. Some new sprouts are taller than 2 stories. A company hired to thin & manage said it was probably the worst they've seen. It's a mix of running & clumping w/the running just out of control. Clumping is contained w/trenches. Planted approximately 15 years ago.
So, I would like opinions of how I perceive the plan of attack. I am going to hire someone w/experience (and heavy equipment), however, even among the "professionals" there are discrepancies and I'd like opinions of what "I've" come up w/while talking w/professionals & research I've done:
1. On the west side (50' long -- running), I plan to dig down 2.5 - 3 feet (too much??) and just scrape and haul away all the soil. I'll leave a 1.5 foot wide stand to act as a screen. Will install a barrier between screen and drainage ditch.

2. On the north (60 x 4 -- hedge screen) and east side (front yard that is a Japanese rock garden w/lots of gravel, rocks & boulders) & outside of the fence there is granite where we can park cars), remove all the bamboo (it's jumped about 8' beyond fence) and install barrier.

3. On the south side, w/rock stairs & unfriendly, non-communicative neighbor, removal and barrier; need to redo stairs.

But what type of barrier?
40mil plastic which most use, but one person said really didn't work. I read on a county extension page that metal or pressure treated wood could be an option.

I was going to replace the rocks/gravel in the front rock garden, however, since it could take 3 years to eradicate, I'm thinking about seeding for grass instead as I could easily watch for regrowth and if present, will be easier to remove.

Please let me know what you think of the above. I incorrectly posted this about an hour ago, apologies. One respondent asked why the drastic measures: it comes down to cost . . . . using machinery is more cost effective than having someone hand shift/dig.

Posted some photos taking in the spring, not sprint . . .

Here is a link that might be useful: bamboo, spring 2013

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..having looked at the photos, "sprint" was an appropriate typo for your running bamboo.

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