Questions - know nothing about bamboo

maryfaye_txAugust 14, 2009

A co-worker is giving me some bamboo and I know it's the kind that run but he doesn't know what kind it is. I live in the country and have a very long drive that has road base. I have about 6' between the road and a field fence and want to plant the bamboo in this area. My question is,

1. We have Barbado sheep in the pasture and I am wondering if it runs into the pasture and the sheep eat it will it harm them?

2. Will the bamboo spread up through the road base (it's packed pretty hard)?

Thanks - Mary

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1. No, it will not harm the sheep. They eat it here all the time.

2. It will possibly shoot up through the road base, but it depends on how thick the road base is and what type of road base it is.

One foot of heavily packed road base will probably deter the bamboo from shooting through it, but even if some does, you can break off the new shoots or do a twice a year rhizome trim along the roadside. A plow or grader blade would do for this also if the angle is right.


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Thanks Kt, that answers my questions. That is were I will plant the bamboo. Thanks again!


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Interesting to learn that you're sheep nibble on bamboo, Kentuck. Deer don't seem to touch it even if they're starving but do seek out the shelter of a grove for cover.

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Deer have never touched it here that I know of either.

The sheep, not mine...but my neighbours, eat the young leaves and possibly the newly emerging shoots. Of course, they have little to eat, especially this year with us being at the end of a two year drought.

I think they would prefer other vegetation if and when it is available.


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