Help and advice on a new bamboo project

fraser69August 15, 2009

The area I am in is just east of DFW.

I used to grow a little bamboo when i was living in England, but had to give it up and move it all to my parents house when i moved to the states

I am looking for some advice on my idea for a raised garden bed to include some or one large bamboo as a backdrop.

Will be having the raised bed approximately 3 foot high with a four foot surround (to stop the dogs from getting in and keep the bamboo from spreading all over the place)

Have not decided how long or wide it will be, but the minimum will be 8 foot by 60 foot, seeing as I will be having to split a lot of grasses early next year for planting

Now the size of the back yard is around 1 acre so I have plenty of room.

I would like to get fast growing bamboos that can reach heights of 20 foot plus.

Please will someone give me some feedback

Thank you

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There are a lot of running bamboos that will do with those specifications.

Are you wanting a specific look, such as a bamboo that is very erect or one that leans outward? Do you want a specific culm colour?


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i'm looking for a bamboo that is erect and am not worried about the color, but to be honest as long as it is tall that is all that matters.
will be havig a lot of grasses in front of it.

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Some erect bamboos, that are a bit rare but beautiful, would be SINOBAMBUSA tootsik 'Albostriata'(10F) and SEMIARUNDINARIA yashadake 'Kimmei'(0F) or S. fastuosa(-5F). All grow maximum height of 25 to 30 feet.

Other bamboos are PSEUDOSASA japonica aka ARROW BAMBOO' and several of it's varietues.(0F) A bit more common, but may only grow to 15 feet in your area.

Now, PHYLLOSTACHYS varieties. There are many many of the Phyllostachys that will do well in your area, but most lean outward somewhat, but are they are more common bamboos.

Click HERE for a look at most of the Phyllostachys varieties.

I grow several varieties of Phyllostachys, and I've never had one reach it's maximum listed height here, so you may look for one that grows taller than you want to allow for this.


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