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suzyb0904August 11, 2010

I've got a question. Which (if any) clumping bamboo can take full afternoon sun, in a 3foot wide bed (plenty long tho) and grows 10 -15 feet high or can be continuously pruned to that height? I'm tired of living with my bedroom shades closed all the time due to direct window view of neighbor 9 feet away (my three feet plus her driveway). I'm in Long Beach so marine layer factors in a bit but the side strip usually bakes in the afternoon.

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Here are some ideas:

Bamboo headquarters

Lake's Nursery

Bamboos are wonderful in that once you decide just how tall you want them, you can cut them to that height and those culms will not grow taller. The new shoots will, but you can then chop them to that height. It's easier to maintain as a hedge that way than other plants. You can also clip the lower branches if you like so they are bare and beautiful and just leave the uppers as hedge block (if you have a fence that is not tall enough and you're just trying to make up the upper difference).

We did that with some of ours, we have some in the back to block the neighbors, then another wall (4' high), then some clumpers that we thin the bottoms. The effect is a very thick upper hedge with graceful bare culms against the wall. It looks very elegant.

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A 3 ft wide bed might be okay for a newly planted clumper or even for the first year or two, maybe three. After that, though not a runner, it still might want more space. As well, the rhizome of a clumber can be pretty tough (I've gone through a few chain saw blades) and that three foot width will not give you much room to dig and divide.

When I plant along a property line, I plant no less than four to preferably six feet in, giving room to grow plus room to work for when I need to divide it once the cluster gets big enough.

With only 3 feet of width I'd work with something more along the lines Italian Cypress. Not bamboo.

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