Amaryllis related - anyone know a publisher?

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)May 24, 2010

Does anyone on the list have a friend or family member who is in the publishing business? I have a great idea (have a draft already and working on illustrations) for a children's book (amaryllis related)....and really don't want to deal with a sleazy publisher. Just need to know where to get started. May have to buy "Publishing Children's Books for Dummies", but thought I'd start here.



Spring, TX

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First google "Vanity publishers" and read some of the very good information there. Then, go to bookstores and look at the names of publishers, publishing the type of book you wish to publish. Decide which most suits your book. Try to get an address from one of the books. If the publishers address isn't in there, google the name. Write to the publisher and ask for their manuscript submission process. If they are overloaded with manuscripts,they may not even reply. Unfortunately,there are more writers of manuscripts,than there are publishers looking for manuscripts.I have a friend who was rejected almost three hundred times. More than once, by the publisher who finally published his manuscript. It doesn't pay to have a tender heart there.Prepare to become jaded. Who knows,you could get published on the first try. It has happened!
Good luck!
Now, how do you register the name of Hippeastrum you developed,and wish to sell?

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Hi Del!
THANKS...I just couldn't even think of where to start! The entire book (REALLY...the whole thing) hit me like a bolt out of the blue on Sunday, so this is all very new. I didn't intend to write a children's book, I was just laying down, cooling off...trying not to have a heat stroke after working in the yard for a couple of hours. Funny how the brain works!

To register the bulb, you can go through KAVB. I have a contact there and will email you the info off list.

YEA on all counts! THANKS AGAIN!

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