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sujiwan_gwAugust 17, 2008

1. If possible, I would like to find some sort of bamboo that will not be invasive and which grows enough to be harvested for multiple tall garden supports on a yearly basis. I have relied on Freecycle and Craigslist in the past, but haven't seen any offers in a couple of years. Generally, the cut bamboo seems to last only a season and is too deteriorated to re-use, so I am thinking along the lines of growing my own if these criteria can be met. South central PA, zone 6.

2. Which bamboos could I grow in a 3'x3'x2' container on a sheltered north facing open patio (one story wings to E and W, 2 story to S) for a wind-catching musical accent planting? If not hardy to a zone, can they overwinter in a cellar?

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1. For tall bamboo stakes hardy to your area means growing Phyllostachys, an invasive bamboo. Have you considered in-ground containment? Your next best option would be one of the taller Fargesia species. They are not invasive but are much shorter. I have F. robusta that shows some promise for 4' or taller stakes.

2. In order to have a bamboo with enough stature for an accent planting, again I would consider Phyllostachys. I have not had much success with bamboo in pots, even as large as a half whiskey barrel. Their cold tolerance is lousy compared to in-ground bamboo. The only ones I manage to keep alive over the winter are in very protected areas out of the wind, and I usually keep them outside except on extremely cold nights.

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