Trimming Bamboo tops?

meixue(10 CA, Bay Area)August 25, 2011

Hi, I am in the process of researching which bamboo to purchase to keep in pots in my backyard for a privacy screen.

I was hoping for the best of all worlds: the ability to grow bamboo in large pots with varieties that produce good quality shoots for eating but that don't grow too tall.

I read that Giant Timber bamboo has the best edible shoots but I only want the screen to be aroung 20 feet tall. If I purchase and pot up some taller growing varieties would the bamboo survive/do ok if I chopped of the tops so that they stay at ~20 feet tall. Will this cause them to grow bushier? The location gets pretty much full sun all day. My neighbors windows run all along my 25 foot fence and they do not ever close their shades so I really do need the privacay screen. I'd probably need 5-6 well spaced pots to fully screen the area.

thanks for any help.

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daveh_sf(San Francisco)

Unless you have really huge pots, even large timber bamboos aren't likely to grow much more than 20'. Bamboo in pots won't get nearly as tall as in the ground. And again, unless you have really huge pots the size and number of shoots you'll harvest are hardly worthwhile. If you chop off the tops, most varieties will get bushier at the top branches.

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