Where Can I Find FREE Honey Bee Hive Plans?

someguyinmaineMarch 16, 2009

Hi all.

Where can I find free honey bee hive plans? The wooden ones with sliding panels. I have only found general info, not actual plans. We have lots of wild honey bees that live in logs and tree boles, so we don't really need it for the pollination, but I was thinking about maybe starting to harvest some honey as well.


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how do the bees enter this bee hive? will wild bees start to use it on their own?

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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

someguyinmaine, I just bought two unassembled hives from Betterbee. Trust me, I couldn't buy the materials for what these two hives cost and it's real high quality wooden ware. It takes at least a day to assemble and paint each hive. Four hive boxes(supers) are dovetail jointed and get glued and nailed. Then there are ten frames that get nailed and glued together for each of the four boxes. I built my own base to keep the hive off the ground and it has an angled landing board. I bought a styrofoam hive top feeder that gets painted same as the styrofoam top. I am awaiting 2 nucs coming from Georgia in a week or so.

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There are all sorts of plans for bee hives on the internet. I went to the library and got a book with all sorts of plans, I think it was called, Backyard BeeKeeping. I am barely a handy person and I was able to build a few basic supers no problem. Some of the plans are very technical and others are easy enough for me to follow.

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i have found its much easier to build the main box and supers and buy the frames and wax foundations from a bee supply place.

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