A Vine FAQ

birdlady_in_mesa(z9 AZ)July 10, 2005

Ok, so we have had quite a few discussions regarding different types of vines. So it appears we should create a FAQ for this. Put any info you want on this thread in relation to vines and I will compile and post.



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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

Good idea, Susie. My contributions:

The 'snail' in Snail Vine has nothing to do with its rate of growth. The ones I planted in the fall have topped an 8' fence and started back down. Full sun and apparently loving it. Create very nice wall of shade. Beautiful.

Hall's Honeysuckle took its own sweet time - about a year - to grow and bloom. Planted inn shade, blooms are skimpy, must want more sun.

Bower vines (white and pink) planted last fall in full sun are blooming like crazy but not growing much at all.

Potato vines are growing, but not all that attractive and practically no blooms. Won't plant more of these.

Passiflora Lavender Lady, planted in shade has not bloomed since the buds already there opened. Definitely wants more sun. Nurseries very wrong about shade recommendations.

Passiflora alata Ruby Glow, planted in full sun (except late afternoon) shows signs of sunburn, but growing robustly. Don't expect blooms till fall.

Love vines!

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Great Idea Susie, I love vines!

Passiflora - Incense. Great plant. Friday my yard man weed whacked it. YIKES!

Purple Hyancinth Bean - People will stop in the summer and ask....What is that plant?

Wisteria. So feared in the Valley...yet so wonderful.

Mexican Flame Vine - WOW!

Creeping Fig - Makes great topiary plants.

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

Actually, Tommy - my Lavender Lady isn't blooming right now, either - once it cools down a tich they should be up and running again. But it definitely will take more sun than might have been recommended.... as will the Passiflora bryanoides - will fruit, as well. And snail vine can also tolerate shady conditions with a lessening of blooms...

Mandevilla - best planted in a container that can move, very picky about exposure - will fry in too much sun, won't bloom in not enough.

Petrea volubulis Purple Wreath, Queen's Wreath, Sandpaper Vine. Interesting sandy texture to leaves, beautiful lilac racemes. Needs partly shady conditions in Phx, needs at least biweekly water in the summer, monthly + in winter. Twines, needs support.

Cat's Claw, Macfadyena unguis-cati Often seen in full sun situations, can handle hot walls. Has bright yellow tubular blooms, will bloom near the newer ends. Grows from underground tubers that can be difficult to eradicate. Has "feet" that attach to anything. Very drought tolerant but invasive in wet areas.

Queen's Wreath Antigonon leptopus: Fast growing with regular water, deciduous, heart shaped leaves with red or pink blooms. Can take full sun situations.

Bougainvillea spp. Not actually a vine, but can be grown as one with proper pruning. Can also be grown as bush. Variety of bloom colors ranging from red, to hot pink, to white, purple and gold. Flowers are actually tiny, encased in the showy, papery bracts. Can take hot, dry situations once established. The more water it gets, the more leaves it gets - bracts appear generously on plants kept on the dry side. Care is needed when planting as the root ball is very fragile and barely tolerates transplanting. Needs trellising, has thorns and papery bracts shed quite a bit. Most species are not frost tolerant, but will regrow when weather warms.

Ficus pumila Climbing fig - most attractive when juvenile, leaves are small and round. More mature growth has larger leaves and can pull away from wall if not pruned. Best grown on the North side of buildings, will tolerate little sun. Will cling to walls, can remove paint! Inconspicuous, rare flowers.

Mascagnia macroterpa Takes full sun or part shade; loves the heat. Low water use- 1-2 times per month when growing Needs trellising.

I hope other folks who have grown some others will speak up - Hardenbergias, Tombstone Roses, Campsis radicans, Jasmines, Wisteria, MG's, etc., etc., etc.

Susie, will the forum take formatting? I can slap this info into Excel or a Word table if you like.

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kathleen10(z9b AZ)

Passiflora 'Frederick' - VIGOROUS, has grown to cover a 40-50'x5' high fence in just over 2 years. Moderate water needs, mine is grown on a fence that runs E-W that gets full sun all day. Lush thick growth, 12-18" deep on fence, but not very fruitful and it is frost tender. It does spring back from frost damage though. Mine has a "trunk" about 6" across at this point...

Hall's Honeysuckle - fragrance from heaven each spring. Have 2 growing with south exposure and just a bit of a break in the afternoon and one growing on the north side although it gets sun at the solstice. Takes a lot of water and drops a lot of dead leaves if you miss watering every couple days but the fragrance is divine....

Catclaw vine - some people love to hate it. It's NOT good for growing anywhere near a house or other important structure as the claws can cause a lot of damage. But it can and does make a pretty, delicate, vigorous vine cover over fences that requires a minimum of water to maintain. I put mine in at the same time as the Passiflora Frederick and it covers almost the same space on an adjacent fence running N-S. Has very pretty yellow trumpet flowers in spring and lots of seed pods.

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rapidrobert19(z9 AZ)

A vine FAQ is a great idea. Could trellis requirements be added to the descriptions of the vines?

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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

Oops, forgot about campsis radicans, Trumpet Vine. Arizona's answer to kudzu - if it gets enough water. Has to be the 'beanstalk' Jack grew. Gorgeous red-orange trumpet flowers in bunches that hummingbirds and butterflies love. And carpenter bees... Does not need a trellis, has feet, will travel. Comes up prolifically from root system, but hard to germinate seeds.

Lady Banks rose (rosa banksiae?) - want privacy? Plant these climbers a few feet apart, water and wait. The ones I planted next door are probably 6' thick and 10' tall (she doesn't trim). A snowbank of white roses in spring. And that's it, no more blooms till next year. Constant battle with suckers (IF you trim) that can be 15' - 20' long and thorny.

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Heed the warnings on cat's claw...
We moved into an old house in Tucson with neglected courtyards. Our weekends are spent ripping down cat's claw vine- in some spots along the walls, the vines look like bundles of cable, 8 inch thick bundles. The stuff is so hardy- get this- we wanted to plant oleanders in the raised beds around the house. After 4 hours of work on Sunday morning, we found oleander shrubs UNDER the cat's claw. They are old, they need to be carefully pruned to encourage filling-in, but we had oleanders all along and couldn't even see them.
We were at Mesquite Valley over the weekend- an older man, a botanist, was working there and when we told him of our cat's claw vine problem, he just laughed so hard. Guess this plant is some sort of gardening prank. Guess it is, when you figure it's the desert and so many plants grow so slowly here and cat's claw decides to act like the kudzu of the southwest.
Oh- the queen's wreath is so pretty. It froze last December but came back all over the walls. Bees love it- don't plant it where it can overhang walkways. But it's just lovely.

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what a great idea...vines are my THING right now.. my neighbors are close!!I have yellow orchid vine..snail vine..antigone...2 different passifloras..lady banks.. and more.. also a brugmansia that thinks it a vine..and a sky flower(I FORGET botancial name justnow..but its quite free flowing so appears to look like a vine too.. makes me quite happy to have mimics like that..

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Hardenbergia- We have two of these, started from 1 gallon containers. One has Eastern Exposure on a wall, getting full morning-midday sun and is THRIVING. Another is facing South, but is shaded by our house for 8 months of the year. During the summer, it has sun for all but a couple hours both in morning and afternoon. Both are thriving and had incredible flower displays for March and April. I love the dark green foliage, no litter and lots of flowers. I clean it up a bit once a year and usually re-train it wider at the same time. Water on a drip with the rest of my xeric shrubs and fertilize once a year.

Pink Trumpet Vine-
I also LOVE this plant. I cut it back in February each year and it grows back like gangbusters. This has Eastern exposure. I have only trained one corner of this plant and three branches have exploded about ten feet up a trellis. The rest of the plant is a beautiful bush. Flowers in late summer when there is little else(in my yard) blooming.

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

Susie, I think you might have hit a nerve....

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birdlady_in_mesa(z9 AZ)

PC- it was your idea, I just ran with it!
Thanks for the offer, I really appreciate it!. Sometimes it will take word document... sometimes! Sometimes it just gives me heck. If it gives me grief with a word doc, I cut and paste it in pieces, then the darn thing works. Can be quite irritating! So, appreciate the help!


This will be great.

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

One more question, can you ammend it after posting? I'm sure we will learn more over time - like the latest Mexican Flame vine posts brought up something I had never really looked at.

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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

What? No one has weighed in with Morning Glories?!

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kathleen10(z9b AZ)

Morning Glories - Beautiful but major water suckers. Mine almost dies each summer as I'm not so good at keeping things wet. It's also pretty messy and really should be cut nearly all the way back in winter in order to stimulate new pretty growth in the spring. But for vibrant purple/blue color, you can't miss with this vine.

And supposedly some (like those grown in the East) are illegal here in AZ while others are called "African" and said to be "legal" as they don't spread like the common variety usually seen in the Eastern states.

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birdlady_in_mesa(z9 AZ)

Yes, I can amend FAQ's that I post. There are a couple in our FAQ area that need some updating/correcting, but since I did not post them, I cannot amend them. I can, however, create new ones with more and/or corrected info for those FAQs. My FAQs start with the "Caring for Roses in the AZ Desert" and all the ones after that. So, if you see anything in those FAQs that need updating or changing, please feel free to let me know.


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Don't forget Yuca vine (Merremia aurea). This one has dark green leaves and huge brigh yellow flowers from late spring to fall. Sometimes it is nicked by frost in colder locations (below 25 degrees), but it comes back vigorously as soon as temperatures warm up. It grows at a moderate rate with twining stems to a mature size of about 10' x 10'.

Also, please include the botanical name for Pink Trumpet Vine which is Podranea ricasoliana. (Sometimes this one is confused with Pandorea). I've grown this one at one home where it received western sun/reflected heat and another where it had a southern exposure and grew on a lath patio cover.

Another great choice is Lavender Orchid Vine (Mascagnia lilacina), which grows at a moderate rate with twining stems and produces purple flowers. Mature size is about 10 x 10.

Our native passion vine, Baja Passion Vine (Passiflora foetida) is perfect for our southwest landscapes. It has small but showy white and purple flowers and its gray-green leaves are very soft. This one might be a little harder to find but is worth the effort.

A note about cat claw vine - they produce a large underground tuber which is what makes them so indestructible. No matter how much of the above ground green you remove, they grow back. I recently dug down at least a foot and a half to once-and-for-all get rid of a pesky cat claw and ended up removing a 12" x 4" tuber....looks sort of like a sweet potato.

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Hi Everyone - I am a new member here although I have been gardening in AZ for almost 22 years. I was really happy to read some of the comments regarding the cat claw vine. I have been working for months to dig out all of the roots and tubers from a cat claw that had overgrown and killed two lady banks roses and was trying to do the same to a palo brea tree and creosote bushes. These things should come with a warning label from the nursery!

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roo2000(AZ 13 PhxMetro)

Just a quick point about the Passiflora foetida. There are several varities of foetida... if you're looking for the Arizona variety, it should say "P. foetida var. arizonica". There are a number of different varieties of P. foetida, from different parts of the US. I just mention it because I've seen several P. foetida's for sale on the internet, and they all look slightly different.

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

Okay, anyone else wanna say anything before we put it all together?

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Yellow orchid vine--loves heat. Provides interest all year round. Stays evergreen. Flowers and seed pods provide interest all year round.
Virginia creeper vine---needs afternoon shade. Deciduous. Provides interest with leaves turning orange in fall as well as seed pods.
Winter jasmine--needs afternoon shade. Perfumes the location in spring.

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nosatis(9 AZ)

Yes, I like the star jasmine. Great scent. Need a trellis and a little work but very rewarding. Put six up in an entryway and it was intoxicating. Cats claw is great because it is hardy. Just plant it where you can maintain it and control it. It may take a little work but well worth it. When is the spread sheet due? I would like one. Thanks.

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

Going to start working on it tonight; it'll be posted in the FAQ section.

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Mesa Az...........I planted a Bower vine last spring and the sun nearly killed it. I needed something to climb on the west side..I have a front patio I'm trying to cover. There is no shade whats so ever. I have a snail vine south of it a few feet. Also another Bower I bought at the same time..planted on the south side is doing great. Except alittle leggy. Please help I'm fairly new at this.

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azreno(z9 AZ)

We have star jasmine (I know, not really a jasmine...) surrounding our very hot, west facing patio. It does great.

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Hi everyone

I am very excited to find out what everybody is growing.
I have four unusual vines that I have success with and they are:
The cup of gold(Solana Maxima), two Hawaiian Baby Rose(merremia tuberosa and Argyreia nervosa) and perenial morning glory(Ipomoea acuminata).
The first one blooms in the spring with huge golden purple fragrant flowers; the argyreia was growing great with huge hart shaped, felted backs leaves until it dies last year.
Fortunately I hav some seeds and I was able to germinate another one that is growing now. The merremia is taking over the patio and never bloomed.
The perenial mornign glory is a thug is you let it.
My husband fights it every spring to keep it in check.
I can tell you if you have a big area that you need covered it will do the trick.
The rest of my vine are not that unusual. Trumpet vine, wisteria, honeysuckle, rosa banksia, sbail vine, bower vine, a climing bohinia and some more.
From an empty backyard, when we moved it changed into a paradise. I can hardly wait to go home and recharge in my backyard.

Good gardening to all


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Rodica - do you have any pictures of your garden? Your vines sound wonderful, and I'm always intrigued to see a yard when someone describes it as "paradise" ... please share!


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azreno(z9 AZ)

I second that! I'd love to see the pics.

In fact- I'm learning some plant snatching tips from the other thread, where are you located exactly (with sanitized scissors in hand) ;-)

LOL- just kidding!


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birdlady_in_mesa(z9 AZ)

Rodica- where did you get those 4 unusual vines? I love vines too... :) not that I have much room left- but another arbor is always an option....


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Hi I am interested in the unusual vines too. I am always looking for something new. Please add pictures I am always trying to create paradise here in the desert.

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Hi everyone

I want nothing more than to post some pictures of my garden but I tried yesterday and I even had my computer guy with me and we could not do it. He things that maybe the firewalls that protect the network do not allow me to do this.Does anyone encountered this problem?
We downloaded the Webshots program but it did not allow him to post any pictures on the site.We will keep trying.
To answer some of your questions regarding my unusual vines, I got most of them from California when I went in vacation.The cup of gold I got it from a cutting from my friend who got it from California on a trip.
The Argyreia and Meremia I ordered the seeds from a catalog and I wanted more but apparently they do not carry them anymore.I can get some cuttings from my cup of gold and I can try to make more plants from my perenial morning glory and give you some.
Please let me know if you are interested and I will try to supply some for the next plant swap.

Good gardening


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eileenaz(9, Sunset 12)

The cute little firecracker vines that Trader Joe's sells this time of year, aka Manettia bicolor or manettia inflata, are beautiful vines that grow like mad given some room and a trellis. And they bloom in spring and fall for me. Fairly greedy about water and fertilizer, but very rewarding to grow- pretty in bright shade and can take a little sun. mine showed no sign of frost damamge last winter. I think they're just adorable, and thought i'd put that out there and mention that they don't stay small when properly cared for.

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The firecracker vine sounds interesting. Do you know if Trader Joes has them available now?

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eileenaz(9, Sunset 12)

They've had them recently- I'm pretty sure they still do.

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Is anyone growing the black coral pea vine , the mexican flame vine, or the purple orchid vine. I need information as to where to plant and care needs. I have researched but thought it might be better to see what people who are actually growing these vine are doing

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judy_b(AZ zone 9)

I have Mexican flame vine and have had purple orchid vine. The purple orchid vine was planted on the south side under the eaves. The first couple of years it was fairly slow but then took off and grew like mad. It made a beautifully shaped plant as the vine ends flowed downward like streamers after they reached the top of the trellis. I removed it because it is not a good plant to have around roses as it spreads everywhere and would climb the rose canes. You can guess how much fun it was to remove them. This is a plant that will root yards away from the main plant so it's good to pay attention to where it's going. More water causes faster growth, but it's not a thirsty vine.

The mexican flame vine is in an area that doesn't get all day sun. The vine grows well but doesn't bloom much, I think it wants more sun. It likes being well-watered and is not tolerant of cold. Last year it just died back but came back in the spring. The previous year it died and I replaced it. I think it would do best in an area with some overhead protection and as much sun as you can give it (and lots of water, too)

It's a pretty green plant and the flowers are charming and fragrant.

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Thank you for the information. Do you grow your Orchid vine in full sun? Trying to decide where I should put one.

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Just like Judy B I had both of them. I still have the purple orchid vine(bauhinia) and the mexican flame vne.
My orchid vine was slow to take off( and at one point I thought I lost it, but it came back) and it is still not very extended. I planted on my trellis that covers the jacuzzi and it gets sun only at summer time, from 10.00am till 3.00pm. It blooms and I have some seeds. It did not proove to be invasive and I do water it a lot.
I bought my mexican vine(senecio confusus) in California
and I planted it around my gazebo. It grew very well for a wile and bloomed profusely but suddenly it died.
I tried to buy more but I could not find them in containers small enough for me to plug them in the ground.
I will recommend both of them for anyone who wants to try them.

Good gardening


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foofoo(Gilbert, AZ)

I read all the posts in the Vine FAQ and am overwhelmed with info, but I have a short block wall (4') south facing that gets full sun all day and I need to know if there is a vine that will grow there and not burn up in the summer. The wall is near our pool so I don't want a messy plant, just one that will grow without burning up. Blooms would be a plus, but not really necessary.

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DesertDreamer(9b AZ)

Cant go wrong with Hardenbergia or passiflora edulis 'frederick'. Passionflower has the added benefit of edible fruit...

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My orchid vine gets almost no sun at winter and the brunt of it during the summer. I planted it to cover my gazebo and it mingles with my perenial morning glory.The roots are protected from the sun from all the other plants. I do have some seeds that I collected. When I go hme today I will open the two seedpods and see if I have some seeds. If there are some I can give some to you.

Good gardening


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Rodica, thanks for the information. Let me know on the seeds.

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Hi ya'll newbie here--first post. First off props out to all those fellow vine lovers! At last, I've found home! I have a question: does anyone know where Indian rubber vine can be found? back in Yuma many have it in our neighborhood, but none of my clippings take. They are tropical, but take FULL Yuma sun w/ lil water like champs! Anyways, I do have moonflower seeds Ipomoea 'alba' and morning glory Grandpa Otts for those who have any trades.
Thanks guys!

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Bleeding Heart Vine, Glory Bower
Clerodendrum thomsoniae

-- Anyone have any info on this one as it relates to AZ? I have a spot that gets morning sun, then shade the rest of the day.
I bought 2 of them, thinking they were regular pink bower vines (sigh...I should really keep scientific names handy when shopping!) and Dave's Garden says it should be in full sun in order for it to bloom and that it might be invasive in sandy soil (not a problem here, I hope!).

Anyone with firsthand experience? I want to plant it here:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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birdlady_in_mesa(z9 AZ)

Hey Yumaplantman- I was at Baker's nursery in Phx and they had some Indian rubber vine plants. It had seeds and I snagged a couple and they are now 6 months old, survived the 'big freeze' and are starting to send out new little leaves at the top! I am excited. Give Baker's a call, they are listed in the FAQ link (at the top of the main page) and see if they have any on hand.


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Ok, I need some vine pruning advice!!

I have never had Snail Vines before, popped them in last year and loved them. But now they are all just brown and dead. Should I cut them back to nothing?

I also planted some bower vines, they look dead as doornails too, but they have been growing so slowly I have no idea if the are supposed to look brown and crispy or if the frost got to them. (Still no visible green shoots, would pruning them help?)

I also have 2 massive Frederick Passiflora, and was heartbroken when the frost made all their leaves turn brown. One I cleared all the leaves off when they went crispy and gave it a good prune back, but still no shoots, the other IÂm going to tackle today. Is this normal? Will they come back? They stayed green last winter, so I am still holding my breath!

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Moonflower Vines:

Ok...I have been checking these out, and planning areas I can plant them. Now I have read that we can't have them here? Noxious weed? HUH? Would I be arrested if I planted these?

I am so bummed. I have been working real hard on landscaping my whole front yard, and I just thought having something as beautiful as these flowers would be awesome!

Any thoughts on this?


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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

Nice to see this thread resurrected. I found this site while looking for Eileen's Manettia bicolor. Yes, it's in Spanish, but the latin names are the same. Beautiful. Is anyone growing that incredible passiflora?


My vines that survived the Big Freeze are: potato vine, one white bower vine, a Carolina jessamine, Hall's honeysuckle, Japanese honeysuckle, and - ta da! - two snail vines that I thought were total goners. One passie that was tucked in among plumeria and some other plants has made a comeback, though two lavender ladies and the Ruby Glow are toast. Who else had what survive?

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Sorry to hear about your plants. Did the plumeria freeze?
I am surprised that your lav lady ate it. I thought it was hardy to like a zone 8! I used to grow LL in the ground in LA even though it was a zn 9 it got down in the 20's often during the winters, and mine still came back from the roots there. They might come back from the roots for you here. Mine still sucker from the roots in thier pots like incarnatas do. I keep all my passies and plumerias in pots and store them overwinter in the garage, with just a few high windows for light, so luckily, nothing froze this year. I'm more worried about the heat and dryness and spidermites lol! I grow lots of tropicals and they are taking over the patio now-been trying to keep them in afternoon shade.

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azreno(z9 AZ)


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I'm looking for a vine that will grow on a trellis that extends above an east facing wall AND which will maintain an attractive EASTERN presentation once it hits the trellis above the wall. I had Bower vines, but they ended up "showing off" more for my neighbors across the wall than they did for me. Any suggestions?

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I'm new to all of this but I've been reading up on vines. Would it be a terrible idea to plant a corkscrew vine on the stucco columns that lead up to my balcony? Are all vines bad on stucco?

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is this still an active faq ? (3 q's over last 3 yrs)

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hi. just moved into a new house and found a plant that i dont know. should i wipe it out as a weed? or cultivate it as something good? sorry i cant figure out how to upload my pix here.

the plant seems to be a vine with multiple stems/stalks coming out of the same spot in the ground. its stems/stalks are 1/4 inch+ thick, purple (blue? i cant tell colors well.) with short, thick thorns.

the thorns are spaced a few inches apart and 2-3 of them appear on opposite sides of the stem. (honestly, they remind me of rose thorns.)

the stems/stalks are long (3-5 feet) and bow slightly under their own weight.

leaves are slightly long, serrated, and in groups of 3 or 5.

when the tip of a stalk meets the ground, it plants roots.

i have not seen flowers or berries....yet.

it climbs the fence near it, so i am guessing it is a vine of some sort. but it might be a bush. i really cant tell the difference here.

as you can all tell, i am not any sort of expert on plants. that is why i am asking for help here.

thanks in advance.

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