Musa Basjoo flowering

espor(z5 PA)August 12, 2006

This 3 year old musa basjoo started to flower the other day. I was very surprised to see the flower, I was watering the plant and saw some strange dead looking flowers, I looked up and there right above my head was this large flower!

Here is a picture of the plant with 5 pups (two larger than the one blooming!)

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beaver007(5B NE)

Nice pictures! I envy the people that can arrange plants that nicely.

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Great pics,

I hope my basjoos will flower one day.


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mrbungalow(Z8, SW-Norway)

Looks beautyful.

I have never seen such a small musa basjoo flower before though. How tall is it? Do you think it might be because of a harsh winter that it flowers when it's that small?

I have never had a basjoo flower, but I have plants that are considerably larger.


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Nice plants/photos.

I haven't seen any flowering yet from either the fourth or second-year clumps in my garden (the largest plant is close to 8 feet tall). Any fertilizer or other bloom-promoting cultural hints?

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Congrats on your flower. I am envious. I have not seen a bloom on a p-stem that short.


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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

That is totally freaking cool! We all want to know how you did that, though.... Is that a plant that froze down to the ground, or were you able to save that stem through several winters byu storing it dormant or potted? I've been telling my customers that basjoo are for foliage only and they won't get bananas around here or bloom.

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espor(z5 PA)

This plant was a pup from my original plant that I moved to this location 3 years ago. The past two winters haven't been real bad in PA and I was able to protect the plant with a 5 gal bucket filled with dry leaves. The first winter it died back to the ground. This last winter it made it through without dying back so it started out at 2'. This plant gets fertilized weekly (5-10-5) and watered with water from a dehumidifier about 5 times per week. The mother plant is next to the house on the West side and grows approximately 10' tall each year. That plant I cover with a large rubbermaid garbage can filled with dry leaves. It is about 5 years old and has not flowered yet.

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