Arizona Orange trees

highplainswoman(5 AZ)July 27, 2008

Hope someone can help me with some info. I moved to Nortern Arizona about 3 years ago. I would like to grow Dwarf Oranges in my greenhouse, but growers won't ship these to Arizona. What I'd like to know is can you buy dwarf orange or other fruit trees down in the Phoenix area? I could make the drive down if I knew that I could find them there and who sells them. Thanks for any help.

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Most other States don't have the cert's to ship to AZ, (USDA reg's with soil pathogens,ect.) There are growers here who sell citrus on dwarf rootstock, I myself have a number of them on a true dwarf rootstock, (Flying Dragon is the root your looking for).
What type of Orange are you looking for?
If I don't have that type I'll put you in contact with someone who does
Contact me here or on my website

Here is a link that might be useful: RSI Growers

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highplainswoman(5 AZ)

Thanks for your response. I'm not looking for any particular variety (I like everything from Valencia to Navel) just something hardy that doesn't get too big. I'll check out your website.

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I have seen them at times in the box stores. home depot and the others possibly have them too.

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Can someone give me advice on shading young orange trees? We live in Mesa, AZ and planted two orange trees in full sun. They were planted two years ago. We have put shade around them during the hot summers. I can't find any information about shading new trees. Is this necessary? Do they have to be shaded at all? Thanks for any help.

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Hi Highplainswoman,

I just planted 2 orange plants (tangarine & tangelo) 2 weeks ago. I got mine from Moon Valley Nursery. They have dwarf variety which grow to 6 feet amximum and semi-dwarf variety that grow to 8 feet maximum. I got the dwarf variety for $50 for a 15 gallon plant. The 24" box is $100 and the 36" box is 200$ if I remember correctly. These I got in chandler, az.



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It's not really necessary to shade the entire tree especially since yours have been in the ground for two years. Citrus are very vulnerable to sunburn on their trunks and branches. If trees have adequate leaves the branches will be shaded. The most important thing is to protect the trunk. In young trees this usually means either painting the trunk with latex paint (any color diluted 1:1 with water), or wrapping the trunk loosely with cardboard, tree wrap or burlap.

As trees mature, allow the branches to nearly touch the ground. This will keep the soil shaded = cooler roots, and will keep the trunk out of the sun.

Be sure to water deeply (to three feet), applying water at the drip line and not next to the trunk. Most folks create a 6 - 8 inch berm at the drip line to contain the water. A second berm can be constructed 10 inches away from the trunk so water doesn't touch the trunk (the 'double-dike' system).

Here's a link to more information about citrus.

Here is a link that might be useful: Citrus publication from the U of A

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I have also had a hard time getting anyone to ship citrus trees into the state of AZ, so I have ended up just ordering the fruit online from Gourmet Orchards during citrus season... I realize this may not help much because, like me, you would rather have your own trees.

Here is a link that might be useful: Online Citrus

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drmeow3(z9 AZ)

I got 4 dwarf citrus trees (lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit) from Baker's Nursery in Phoenix (N. 40th St). They had a very large variety in stock - however, that was not in August (I bought them a few years ago ... I'm guessing in about May). They had Navel, Valencia, Arizona Sweet, and possibly others, I believe all on Flying Dragon Root stock.

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I found Treeland Nurseries in Mesa, Arizona ( They have an ecxellent source of dwarf and regular citrus trees and are the only one in the Phoenix Valley area that sells the dwarf variety all year round. When I purchased my trees, they were in bloom already. The plants you buy at Home Depot and such places are very young trees.

Here is a link that might be useful: Treeland Nurseries

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