sugar water Thanks to great responses in this forum, I tobeeless

vundril(8 a Dallas TX)March 18, 2005

Thanks to great responses in this forum, I took suggestion from Konrad to put out sugar water close to hive at mix of 1:1 by volume. It is in dish with popsicle stick floats. I even placed yellow flower with idea color might attract the bees. (???) But after 4 or 5 days I have not seen any takers. Any thoughts?

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Likely they are finding some other nectar source. They will work the source they consider the best first.

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vundril(8 a Dallas TX)

egad, my subject line was badly botched

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Tarheit's right. They might be finding another source right now. I've been feeding some of my hives to get em started up, but I put the jar with feeder at the entrance at night to discourage robbing. Sometimes they take the sugar water quicker than other times. I'm about through with feeding I think.

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