What are the must-haves? So.Cal?

Genericboi(10 CA)August 22, 2006

Is there anything new on the market? What are the most desired bamboo at this time?

I want the D. Asper 'Betung Hitam' (as soon as it's affordable!) :-)

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Betung Hitam is still the 'holy grail', but much more obtainable these days. Still darn pricey.

Seems like most of the action is in naming and consolidating varieties.

There is always new stuff coming out...trailing the Quail sale is a good way to get a peek as to what is coming out of quarantine.

I personally like to vary the culm appearances - black, green, yellow, yellow with green stripe, etc.

I just dropped a eutoldodies viridi vitata (sp?) and a minor amenous in the ground...both look great.

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