Please HElP with my bee's

digginitupMarch 28, 2009

I let honey bee's make a home in an empty wet vac that is in the corner of my yard. It has been peaceful and active for a year. A week ago a swarm was spotted by a neighbor. That evening I crept back there and bee's were quietly doing their thing. I don't know if they were just drones or not. Today the bee's are swirling in the air all above the hive. Usually I see only a direct pattern with little chaos. Can someone help me? Is this what an active beehive behaves like this time of year? How much room could be left in a wet vac to house them? I just wanted Mother Nature to do her thing and let the bee's exist. Please HELP!!!!

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When it gets too cramped in the shop vac, the queen will leave with part of the hive after new queen cells have been capped in the original hive. A new queen (or queens)will hatch, mate and the hive will continue. here's a link to some california associations.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank you Tony! I will check it out! The bee's also have less shade due to a neighbor cutting down a tree that same day ( a week after the queen split) The same swirling chaos continued each day the temp. was 78-80 degree's. Can I provide shade using a standing patio umbrella? That area is going to be so hot soon. I can do it at night. What do you think?

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Often in the later part of the afternoon,younger bees will leave the hive and buzz around in front to orient themselves to the outside of the hive. These are a lot of the new forager population that have never been out of the hive before. If they start to get too hot,they will beard on the outside of the hive until it cools down.,18277.0.html

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