Seeds have arrived in Oz!!!

dizzy77June 30, 2010

I received a lovely package today in the mail.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! To all the seed doners and especially our lovely MARIA for organizing all of this. All the seeds where so carefully packed and labeled.

OH MY GODDDDD all the cybister seeds!!!!!!!!

So many varieties, so many possibilities I am sooo excited.


I have only received 1 envelope as of today and a will post seeds out to him asap. Do I just post one seed packet marked "Apple blossom" to each person? And are all the cybisters for me?

A Big THANK YOU again...


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I can understand, its such a great feeling, when you check your mail and find an envelope (a much awaited one), you carefully open it to find many dark flakes in it... each and every step brought joy for me, all because of these amazing people...


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Oh my goodness!

This shipment was very fast!

You are most welcome Dizzy! The pleasure of sharing is ours. Beleive me!

YES!!! All of the cybister seeds are yours.

And yes again, each AU recipient gets one packet of seeds marked "Appleblossom". You can have one too if you wish. They are really mixed seeds of everybody's seeds. This way we all get the chance of our seeds to be grown in an AU garden. Likewise, you all get the chance to grow a little something from everybody's garden here.

I will contact the AU recipients again. They must be stalling sending their self stamped self addressed envelopes. Not expecting the seeds to be there so soon.

Good luck! Have fun! Happy Hippie growing!!!

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