need a beekeeper

digginitupMarch 28, 2009

Hi, Anyone can give me a name of a bee keeper in my area? They are beautiful and I have let them do their thing for almost a year. A swarm was spotted a week ago but hive is extremely active more so now. Hundreds are swirling about above and around. I need expert help. The hive is contained in a wet vac ( how perfect is that)? I want them to be happy and healthy.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

It would be nice if you would put in your member page your location.
See if you can find a local bee club, I'm sure someone would like to take it.


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Good idea! I try to type my zone with each post. I did do some investigating and discovered why my honey bee's were frantic and swirling above the hive. The neighbor cut down a small tree that provided some shade. He likely created more sun to hit the hive and the bee's could not work. The hive probably needed cooling. It was appox. 80 degree's.
The following day, about the same time in the late afternoon I witnessed the same thing. It lasts for 20 minutes at most. The days following have been overcast and cooler and the bee's have been normal.
Any idea's on how to provide some shade without getting them upset? I cannot plant around them because they are not on or near soil. I was thinking of using an umbrella, the big patio type. Should I wait until nighttime?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Umbrella is fine or a large sheet of plywood, probably not needed, 80 degree is not all that hot yet, I suspect bees had to re - orient themselves to their new surrounding, they will settle down. At this time in your area honey bees are building up population and soon you can have a mega hive,
vac running out of room, prone to swarm down the road.

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