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petcarpenter(7b Abilene,TX)March 22, 2005

I once asked this forum about feeding all of the bees in my yard.From that time,I have keept water out for them and they love it.I can wander amongst them with no problems,they have never shown any agression.

When my post was answered I was told that with as many bees as I was seeing,the hive was pretty close,within 100 yards.I have found it in my neighbor across the alleys storage shed.I know that they have small kids and he has stopped mowing near the shed.

I really enjoy the little guys but would guess that my neighbor is ready to be rid of them.We are raising our two yearold grandson, so bringing them home would not be good.Is there some way to convince them to leave without harming them or the honey?

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txbeeguy(z8 TX)

Texas A&M University quarantined Taylor County (Abilene) in 1999 as having AHB (the so-called, 'Killer bees'). Current recommendations for public safety includes reporting and having the nest of any feral colony removed or destroyed. Your neighbor is wise not to mow in the area of this hive. Even if this hive is presently of European linage, the odds of it remaining so are pretty remote. As best I recall, I believe there were three people killed by AHB last year in Texas. The first was a fellow felling a tree with a chainsaw in east Texas, the second was a guy mowing in the Galveston/Free Port area and the third fellow, just south of Dallas (I don't recall what he was doing...maybe mowing too (?). These were all confirmed AHB kills - if there were other deaths due to AHB, I don't recall reading about them. When AHB are individually out foraging (such as, for water), they're not likely to be aggressive. However a disturbance in their immediate nest area is very likely to set them off. Where they've taken over a "managed" hive, something as simple as a shadow passing over the hive's entrance can bring them boiling out of the hive. The safe thing in your neighbor's situation (your case), would be to get a beekeeper in there (or even, pest control) and get them gone.

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