Rats and bananas question

bananafanSeptember 22, 2008

Recently, I spotted a rat in my yard. I think there might be more around. In any case, what I'm most concerned about is that my praying hand is producing bananas now. They've just emerged and I'm wondering if the rats will climb up the banana tree and devour the bananas before they even get a chance to grow. My praying hand is between 16-18 ft tall and it's hard to imagine that the rats will climb that high up, but you never know what these varmits can do. I've just set up the rat trap and hopefully I can get all of them before they do any damage to my fruit. Would welcome any suggestions to the situation.

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I guess it's so high up you can't put any bird netting around the bananas, right? Maybe the rats wouldn't like getting tangled in the netting and would leave them alone? Just a thought.

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My husband put metal around the base of each. It is slick so hopefully they can not climb.

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