Vivax /moso question

lelanddunne(7a N.C.)August 6, 2006

i was wondering if someone could give me some input, i want to grow some timber boo, and have some Vivax waiting to go in the ground. and i know i can use it for making furniture.

but can Vivax be used for making wood flooring also? ive read that it can be thin walled, so not sure if it would be good for both uses . anyone try? or know of if it can be used like that?

moso, can be used for both uses..

if i planted both kinds, would one over grow the other, or get along together?

or should i forget about the vivax, and just plant moso instead???

i just dont want to plant one and then find out a few years later, i should have planted the other instead..


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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Phyllostachys vivax is easier and hardier than moso, but moso is by far the most beautiful hardy bamboo (and largest-growing). Neither are tops for construction, that's why P. bambusoides is "hardy timber bamboo." Plant that one if making things is the main priority.

Leaving possible variations from one form to another aside, ranking from most hardy to least hardy is vivax-bambusoides-pubescens (moso).

Clones of moso that have grown for a long time in places that sometimes get colder than usual for it, such as the Anderson cemetary, may be hardier than usual clones.

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booboy(Zone8 BC Canada)

If you have the room plant all three varieties. You never know when one may flower

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joefalco(z8 MB SC)

I have moso, I just planted it this year though. From what I have read here the MOSO will take 10-13 years to produce a grove so I hope you are a patient furniture builder.

I might be wrong though.

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lelanddunne(7a N.C.)

ive got the time, but if moso etc, will grow as fast as black boo and vivax, i should have no problem with moso/giant grey.. right now it looks like im leaning toward giant grey boo right now . since i like the color a bit more.
i tinker with boo for furniture a little so no big deal if i have to wait,. once i get finished building my house, the boo will be planted. still have about a month to go yet...

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