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spyderetteMarch 3, 2009

i am starting up beekeeping again after a 5-year hiatus. this will be my 3rd year keeping bees in total and my first in NJ and also first time having them in my yard. i will have 2 hives on about 3/4 acre including a wooded area.

i have a few questions:

1. what are some ideas for providing a water source for the bees? all references seem kinda vague.

2. i dont' have a lot of sun, but several locations that are partial sun/dappled sun. would that be okay? the really sunny spots are where the kids play and there is also a pathway running adjacent to the yard in those areas.

3. if i put a small fence around the two hives, how much room should i allow inside to adequately work? (considering putting up a picket fence to keep out kids and critters -- groundhogs, skunks, rabbits, deer)


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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

>>1. what are some ideas for providing a water source for the bees? all references seem kinda vague. Is there a pond within 1/2 mile or so?
If not, you could put out a dish with gravel and rocks, clean one's a week.

I have a pond but also have another water source.

You don't need full sun, I know somebody with hives in the middle of poplar trees, bees climb straight up over the trees.
But..I still like my bees out in the sun, find I have less mould or moisture problem this way.
You can fence it in, give enough room so you can work the hives, I would think 5 yards around the hives or so, perhaps that you can drive in with a cart or lawn tractor as I do, [have no fence] this way you can load the full honey super into the cart.


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A small garden pond is another great way to provide water. Just add some floating plants for them to stand on.
Or you could use something like a poultry waterer with a drop of chlorine or vanilla added to give a scent to attract the bees there
I agree sun prevents many problems,but getting sun early gets the bees out foraging sooner.

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