how to keep yellowjackets away from outdoor dining area

bonzgirlMarch 14, 2007


I bought my outdoor dining table last winter. Found a great deal, but now started thinking about yellowjackets we had in our back yard last year...

I saw a very nice oil lamps at Smith & Hawken today. Would this kind of table top oil lamp would keep yellowjackets away from the table??

I'm also considering oil torch installed 4 corner of outdoor dining area...

I know we can keep them out from our table completely, but it would be nice to know the best way we can do w/o using mosquito net.

Btw, we have two yellowjackets traps (yellow plastic ones) in our back yard, it worked pretty well last year, but I would like to do something more especially for the dining area.

Please share your ideas and experiences with me!


Here is a link that might be useful: oil lamp from Smith & Hawken

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bandit_tx(z7-8 TX)

Honey bees and yellow jackets are very different creatures. I would consult an exterminator for yellow jackets and a beekeeper for honey bees.

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Yellowjacket traps put out in the early spring get the queens. Keeping the traps active throughout the warm months does a good job controlling the insects. After a couple years of use the overall number of insects will drop considerably. Also look around your property for nests and get those removed.

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