cloud cover spray

cjs111August 7, 2005

I was at a nursery today and they recommened a product called "cloud Cover". They said it can be used to spay on plants that are sensitive to the intense summer sun and to frost in the winter.

Has anyone used this product? Did it work?

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"Cloud Cover" is an anti-transpirant ... it slows down water loss. Of course a nursery will recommend it - they SELL it! And it has to be applied repeatedly.

Honestly, if a plant can't handle our summer sun (after the first summer when some babying is expe3cted), I don't recommend planting it in the sun. Either find some shade for it, make some shade, or plant a differenct species.

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New plants are usually very tender and need protecting from the sun when first set out. I had a product like this years ago and would like to have some now. It was very effective.

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I've used cloud cover spray from Moon Valley before for some plants during the winter.... esp around the holidays if I have a lot of blooms on flowers etc... if family is visiting from up north I'll spray to keep everything looking good while here and protected from a light frost - emphasis on the *light* frost... regardless of how much you use, if the temp dips below 29 or 30 your leaves/plants will suffer.... they use gallons and gallons hooked up to huge sprayers at the nurseries.... one bottle of that stuff ran like $8 or so... not cheap.

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I am new here and I do not speak english very well. I need to know who produce Cloud cover. Can somebody tell me the name of the producer and its phone number?

Tahnk you!

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zuchem the company is called Easy Gardener. It may be hard to find a company that will ship this product to Colombia.

I would try I know they sell it but it is expensive. Something like $ 16.00 American for a 32 ounce spray bottle not including shipping.

A half teaspoon of liquid kelp per liter of water sprayed on the leaves (Top and bottom) in the early morning every 2-3 weeks may be as good or better. It also stimulates root and plant growth and discourages many insects. It can also be used as a drench.

Here is a link that might be useful: Easy Gardener

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