What Bamboo For This Space?

goodkamraAugust 10, 2011

Hi! I need to find a clumper, to screen a block wall in my backyard. Looking for something that fis with modern aesthetics, and "pseudo-tropical" look overall for plants. 10-14' tall or tolerant of topping to that height or thereabouts. I need to be able to keep the width tamed as well, to 4-5'. ANy ideas?



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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

You have a number of choices. My first suggestion would be one of the Fargesias, like F. nitida. Another option might be Bambusa multiplex. However, it would help to know the sun/shade conditions. If you want to look at photos of these plants, scroll through the listings in the box at the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: BambooWeb

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Hi! Thanks for the suggestions. Sorry, I totally thought I mentioned exposure. It is for full sun, against hot wall. Ideas? I was considering Bambusa m. Alphonse Karr or Golden Goddess, but was wondering if there might be other options as well that are not so vase-like...



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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Fargesias probably would not be happy with that much heat/sun. Alphonse Karr would be a good choice, although it may get taller than you want. Also, if you want something a little more exotic, Chusquea culeou or Chusquea culeou "Cana Prieta' might be interesting, too.

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What do you mean by vase-like?

Bambusa multiplex 'Silverstripe' leans outward more if that is what you want.

If you want a more vertical plant, then wrapping a thin rope around the whole plant when the culms are young, cinching it up tight, then removing it later(if you like) will make the plant more erect...just a thought. I do this with most of my clumpers and it gives a more vertical look to the plant.


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Thanks for the suggestions everybody! I'll probably end up going with good old Alphonse Karr...



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