mason bees nesting in t1-11 siding

mdelam(z7 Pacfic NW)March 20, 2013

Have a plaque near my front door and mason bees have set up a nest in the groves of my t1-11 siding under it. Since its mid March and they should start coming out how do I tell if they have left? I want to paint the siding there in a few weeks from now and don 't want to destroy them as they are good polinators.

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If you want to prevent them from using the same holes for their next season, take the following action: 1) Build a small mason bee box and place it near the old one facing South/Southeast, 2) Tape a piece of cardboard over the holes with a 1/2 inch hole cut in the middle of it. This will discourage the bees from using their old nests and encourage them to occupy the new box.

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