Deer resistance

bradleyo_gwSeptember 23, 2008

I'm moving to an area that is infested with deer. How deer resistant are bananas? I currently grow basjoo, velutina, ensete ventricosum and what I believe to be rajapuri.

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Don't worry about you bananas. The deer seem to thrive around me--for better or worse. So far, they have never touched the bananas. They also leave my palms and bamboo alone. They HAVE devoured my Hosta, nibbled at the Azaleas, and occasionally get too intimate with my Magnolia trees during the rutting season (autumn). I would NOT worry about it.

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I have several bananas around the outer fence of my pool and live in an area with a very high deer population and to date (even through a bad drought this year) they have NOT touched the bananas. I also have several palms around the fence and the front of the house in which they have not touched. I did put out several different vine plants to grow on my fence and they got butchered as well as several diff flowering bulbs i tried. Also, they love indian howthorn shrubs - found out the hard way. good luck! im curious, where are you moving?

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I have had about 20 large bananas outside unprotected in an area where deer loved to hang out. They somehow managed to find a melon plant hidden in the bananas, and ate it all, but never ate a banana.
I gave a neighbor(about 6 miles away), a really nice sized Musa basjoo, and the deer there ate it stem and all, leaving only the corm.
It depends on how hungry they are, or maybe some have a taste for bananas, and some don't.

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Talk about difference in answers. I guess I'll find out. The vast majority of opinions are that deer do not PREFER bananas, but from what I understand is that if they are hungry, they will eat anything. My yard next year will be nothing but palms, bananas, yuccas, agaves and cacti. Do you think that might look out of place in Dubois in north central Pennsylvania????

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